What is SoproX ๐Ÿคจ
๐ŸŽ‰ Welcome to SoproX, a product powered by Descartes Network.
SoproX is a tool that helps developers to conveniently create a Solana Rust-based program (SRP) with no build configuration.
Etymology: SoproX = So + proX
  • So for Solana
  • proX for proDUCING a proGRAM
Pronunciation: /soสŠ'prษ’ks/

With SoproX you can

As mentioned above, SoproX only supports SRP at this time. You can interact with SoproX via npx.
Quickly build your projects - SoproX provides a hello-world program as a default template. You can easily modify the code and build your owned program with regardless of extra configuration.
The commands in gif might be deprecated in the future. Please refer Getting Started for correct commands.
Quickly start your programs.
Use plug-and-play programs - To reduce the risk of building from scratch well-used programs like SRC20, Multisig Wallet, etc., SoproX gives your ability to plug pre-built programs and play with it immediately. You can have a look how to use in Plug-and-Play.
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